Lily's Island | Resource Management Game

The adorable resource management simulation game with custom farming, mining, fishing, and lovely critters!

Latest Content Update - Version 1.2.0

Released Date: June 4, 2021


You've depleted all the resources in your island, you've been starving, and your house is degrading. Luckily enough, a squirrel out of nowhere knocks on your front door announcing that you have won a raffle with the prize of a bigger and better island! Grabbing your tools, you set sail to begin your new life but only to find another critter has claimed the land but is willing to share if you put in the work. Do you have what it takes to turn a bare empty island into a thriving home before winter arrives? It won't be easy but you will have many friends to help out and work with you.

Lily's Island is a cute resource management simulation game which takes mining, farming, and fishing into a whole new level!

• Turn a bare empty island into a thriving ecosystem! Start with nothing but a few weeds, an orange tree, and some stones then upgrade to have a corn farm, tomato plants, a green house, an orange tree farm, and more!

• Upgrade an entirely customize house! With hard work you can continuously upgrade your house! Start with a tent then followed by a cabin, a basic house, 2 story house, and fill it with furniture and decorations.

Build your own island community! The better the island, the more critter friends are going to join you. Build relationships with 16 lovable NPCs, help them by completing quests, discover their stories, solve puzzles and get to know their secrets.

Sit back and relax with our scenes! Relax at the boat while fishing, or at the forest, or even in the caves while listening to our original soundtracks.

Listen to Lily's Island OST playlist!

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