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The Cave of Korova is compatible with D&D 5th Edition and the 2nd release of our Curse of the Mist anthology — a collection of gothic horror stories. Our stories can be easily integrated into the realm of Ravenloft and can be used as a supplement for your Curse of Strahd campaign.


Around 200 years ago a demon wondered the lands spreading disease where ever he went. This herald of plague relished in the misery and suffering he brought. He became arrogant and believed he was unstoppable. News of this traveller spread and the village of Faodhail caught wind they were his next destination. Together they convinced a local hag to help lay a trap and stop the herald. With careful planning and a bit of luck, a group of villagers managed to lure the herald into a small cave where the hag had set a trap. Unable to escape the hag’s magic circle, the herald filled the cave with a cloud of disease. Only the hag made it out alive. She informed the rest of the village what happened, took her payment and left. The village mourned and promised to never let anyone enter the cave. 200 years later and the villagers don’t fully remember what lies in the cave, they only know it will bring death. Will some plucky adventures be tricked into releasing this herald of plague? Will they vanquish him, wiping him from the land for good? Or will they decide that some things are better left untouched?


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