Sweet Defense | Strategy & Action Game

The sweetest and cutest tower defense game you will ever experience!


Enjoy the cutest fast-paced action tower defense game with a linear story and the ability to choose multiple endings! You've been invited to the annual Honey Festival and as you help secure the Hive, the story unfolds to reveal something sinister and unexpected.

Tower Defense adventure & Mini-game! Help King Candy defend his Kingdom using his royal turrets: Donut Cop, Cupcake Candy thrower, and Frozen Ice cream while also progress a campaign story.

Singleplayer & Multiplayer friendly! You can either play solo or invite your friends to co-op and defend together.

• 5 unique and different levels!
Progress through the story by moving to the next level.

• 6 Different boss fights!
Face a different boss fight per level, and a final boss on the final stage.

• Custom Physics & Cinematics!
Check out our cool visuals.

• Custom soundtracks!
As always, listen to our original soundtracks in-game and on Spotify!

Sweet Defense Album!

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