The Washed Up Wizard | One Shot Adventure

Middlerock City is a thriving civilization bustling with merchants, travelers, and gossiping nobles. With its high rocky terrain and wealth, it has become a stronghold and a peacemaker of the north and south regions. While it prides itself on being a safe haven to those who flee from danger, corruption and deception within its own walls is quickly growing. The city's garrison is in need of new recruits to skillfully handle local crimes. And you are invited.

Product Description

The Washed Up Wizard is a murder mystery adventure that take place in the city of Middlerock in the Shattered Spires mountains, a homebrew setting published by Brightlybrewed. The adventure is compatible with 5th Edition and designed for four characters of 5th Level.

This is the 2nd adventure of the Mysteries of Middlerock series, right after the story of The Lost Raghba. However, no previous campaigns is mandatory to play The Washed Up Wizard. It can be played as a standalone adventure or to be incorporated into a longer campaign.

✧ A unique murder mystery adventure in a fantasy setting!
✧ Can be completed in 4-8 hours, depending on players' skills.
✧ Open world city map as the investigation ground.
✧ Homebrew deadline system.
✧ Multiple endings and multiple solutions to the case.

Product Contents

✧ The Washed Up Wizard Digital Colored PDF, 20 Pages
✧ The Washed Wizard Print Friendly PDF, 17 Pages
✧ High Resolution City Map of Middlerock v.0.0.2
✧ Illustrated Isometric Battlemap
✧ Arrest forms (PDF-fillable & Print Friendly)

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