Unencumbered | 5e Inventory Sheet & System

Unencumbered is a homebrew system for 5th Edition that simplifies inventory management and allows you to sort and loot items quickly and easily!

Unencumbered is an inventory system which can resolve adding items without having to identify their individual weights and calculating the total weight cost, which can often slow down gameplay due to the extra work. It focuses on the player's skills which allows space for roleplay opportunities as well as interesting gameplay effects. It removes the limit of being encumbered and rather adds an interesting twist if one decides to carry more than they can!

Product Contents

• A 9-page full color PDF ideal for digital use
• A 7-page printable PDF for your table
• A form-fillable PDF of highly stylized and custom equipment and inventory sheets for player.
• A form-fillable PDF of uniquely stylized and custom equipment and inventory sheets for mounts.
• High resolution versions of all art included in the document

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